Addicted to quizes?

I'm angora! woo freaking hoo!I don’t know why this is, but I really like fun blog quizzes. If people post results to their blogs I then have to go take the quiz myself. If for some reason I am unable to access said quiz then I am sad and dejected. I’m weird! What can I say?

This is the latest quiz I took. I was originally a camel, but it didn’t match my personality at all (Although it was very appropriate for hubby, so maybe after 5 1/2 years of marriage we really are turning into one another….). And after a further foray through the quiz I came out Angora. Spot on. I’d quote the clever description, but the text was a part of a flash movie and since I couldn’t copy and paste, I guess you’ll need to be satisfied with the big, fluffy, purple bunny.

Po’ Boy

Have you ever had one of these? I never have, but I’ve got a roast in the crock pot for putting together an amazing one tonight for dinner. Oh, the perils of accidentally leafing through the Williams Sonoma catalog while at your parents’ house for Sunday breakfast. It’s a cool catalog. It’s full of amazing gadgets and pans that gives me Crazy Kitchen Envy….and nearly compels me to spend a lot of money. Plus, FREE recipes. Yum! So in my crock-pot is one pan seared roast, crock-potting away and waiting to be turned into a Po’Boy that Katie can be proud of.

It smells good and the broth base tastes amazing. Essentially it’s a freshly made French onion soup base that the pan seared roast slow cooks in all day. The base would be really nice as a bowl of French Onion soup topped with cheese and crusty bread……I will be so disappointed if it doesn’t turn out! Incidentally, no sea food in our Po’Boys. We live in Iowa and I dislike a lot of seafood, anyway.

 My Mad Kitchen Envy is pretty much brought on by this Filled Pancake Pan and the accompanying recipe for lemon curd marscopone filling. Hubby was really longing for one of those on Sunday, and since he is awfully handy in the kitchen, he might just be getting one for Valentine’s day. Of course that will put me over our spending limit since I had already purchased something. Oh, and forget a new nightie! Who wants a nightie when you can have pancakes?! (Amazon pancake cheat link here.)


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  1. I’m also a quiz-a-holic. Maybe it’s because my mom never let me buy those silly teen magazines and I’m trying to fill the void….

    BTW, you’ve Made my Day:

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