Dear Diary

I am having a crappy day. Sigh. I shouldn’t be having a crappy day, but I am, and it’s making it worse. It should be good because last night I got to go out with friends for some quality girl time and hubby was happily entertained the entire time I was gone. Secondly, I had a mom/kid breakfast date this morning which is always fun. However, it does involve waking up the children at 0 dark hundred which leads to tantrums. Plus a 30 mile drive there in the fog. Then there was the slight fact that my happily entertained hubby was upset because I went over the cell phone minutes again this month. Coupled with the fact that even though I tried to call her 3 times yesterday, my mom and I were unable to connect and she came by my house this morning with two coffees and two scones and I wasn’t even here. I did email her early before I left as a last ditch effort, but no dice. Ugh. I’m hoping this is PMS come early because I feel like a real heel.

 Now I must go clean my house (which is a mess) and reskein over 300 skeins of yarn because my skeining gal is having serious allergy complications and once again dig around in the bare cupboards for something for dinner. The store didn’t have 2 crucial ingredients last week, and therefore we’ve been three meals short this week. I’m such a planner – I plan our meals so we only have to shop for what we need. When things don’t go right I get stressed.

 If you need me, I’ll be trudging through the mess feeling like an overly sensitive-heel-whiner.



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3 responses to “Dear Diary

  1. Hope your week gets better!

  2. I hope you are ok…I think you are my mitten swap pal and I haven’t heard from you in a month. The swap ended a month ago and if you are unable to send mittens don’t worry about it. I realize you have been busy and your family is recovering from an illness….just please let me know so I can stop stalking the mail person. Thanks..


  3. Hi !! I hope your week was better..! And I don’t know if it will help but your dyeing is SOOOOO BEAUTIFUL !!!!!

    Have a great one !

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