Pink is the new blonde

Katie with hot pink hairI couldn’t help myself. I’ve had a dream for years. It started out as a vague notion in high school and took shape as I got older. Some years it was blurred and pushed into the background by moving, having children and lack of sleep….but the dream never died. It waited for the day of fulfillment. Absolute refusals from my family and friends weren’t even enough to deter me.

I was always destined to have brightly colored hair.

Now at the age of 27 I have it. It’s hot pink – which I love – but was actually a concession to my rather reserved sweetie who thought pink would look more classy than purple or blue. Frankly, it was an idea of brilliance. Given my light brown/ sandy blond hair color the pink was a really good choice. Right now my hair is as dark as it ever gets. Long, cold, dark winters turn it almost a medium shade of warm brown. The minute sunlight hits, I get golden highlights through out. The pink and blond really fell in love with each other in my hair.

Only the lower 3″ of the under layer of my hair is pink. I had the top highlighted normally, and then we pulled that up, revealing the underneath layer. The ends were bleached platinum blond and then over dyed with bright pink. It is a semi permanent, but with the bleach, it will have to be cut out in order for it to go away. Bring on summer – I’m ready!

Bye Bye Bad Day!

My bad day of the last post turned out to be due to PMS. My mom was not mad at me in any way and Nick was perfectly  happy upon coming home. That didn’t stop me from having a late afternoon cry; which is completely uncharacteristic of me, and then I realized what was really the problem. Hormones. Ugh. Sometimes I wish they weren’t around. I could seriously do without random crying sessions on busy days.

Hello Shopping!

Last night I went shopping at my favorite department store – Von Maur. I was really there for some new underpinnings. Our anniversary is coming up, and it’s going to warrant wearing a halter dress that hasn’t looked good on me since we had the girls. (Thank-you Anytime Fitness!) I wanted a decent strapless bra to go underneath, even though it isn’t strictly necessary. Instead I found the perfect Little Black Dress.

It started out innocently enough – I came in on the upper level and the lingerie is on the bottom. So I breezed through Juniors on my way through. Nothing special, only the sale rack – looking for some cute new summer shirts. I’m in bad need of summer shirts. I saw the dresses and pulled about 6 off the sale rack. The first fit like a dream, despite my chest being 2 cup sizes larger than the Junior sizes are based on. But it did have a rather plunging neckline so I put it down. Then I tried on the Little Black Dress. It was perfect. I put the others away and ran straight for the sales desk. Who can quibble with a beautiful dress that was marked down to $32 from $165.

I then bought matching shoes and underpinnings. I can’t remember ever buying an entire outfit in one go like that. It felt good. I giggled and twirled in my dress for a half an hour after I got home. Nick laughed at me, but was very pleased. It’s going to be a nice anniversary.

It will look more polished when I’m not so sunburned and have makeup on. I can pull off black, but do it better when I have some foundation and eyeshadow to help out.

Black Dress & Shoes

Black dress back




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4 responses to “Pink is the new blonde

  1. gorgeous. Simply gorgeous!

  2. Love the hair! Makes me want to sass up the ol’ noggin. 🙂

    BTW The link to your blog at the bottom of your knitty article (about plying) is wrong..they’ve got a period at the end of com and it tries to add in a Knitty link at the beginning…

  3. Love the hair and the dress! And what cute shoes! Can’t believe your 6th anniversary is coming up so soon! Time flies when you’re having fun :o)

  4. you made out like a bandit!!! I can’t believe the beer made it so well, I had my doubts about the exchange. Heck, I don’t make it to my local brew clubs exchange most of the time. Seeing the Belgians reminds me I have to make a trip to the Asian market, the Belgian candy sugar is cheaper there. Oh, that yarn looks great too.

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