Pink hair is making me vain.

Vainty, vanity and pink hairIt’s true. I keep looking in the mirror because it’s so much fun to see my hair pink. Then I keep taking pictures of myself to make sure it looks ok. I’m aiming for trendy, not trashy and a girl has to keep tabs on this sort of thing. Unremarkably, my hair remains pink every time I glance at it, and has not turned into a white trash, train wreck of a hairstyle.

Yesterday was a good day despite the return of frigid temperatures. The rain has let up a bit but temps for the past two weeks have been 10 – 20 degrees below average. It’s nearly May and we’re pushing to hit 50 during the day. Sigh. I managed to get the hops into the ground. It’s been so rainy that gardening has been nearly impossible. It felt good to get out there and dig in the dirt….even if I did have to wear a parka to keep warm. So I dug 8 holes for the hop rhizomes (roots). They were about 18″ wide and 18 – 24″ deep. The rhizomes aren’t huge, and don’t require a hole that big, but all the research advocated digging large holes so that you could mix a good amount of composted manure into the dirt. My shoulders and butt have not forgiven the hour and half of digging, hoeing and back filling from yesterday. The only decent thing about the cold weather is that hops love it. Even though this is quite late in the season for planting them, I don’t think they’ll suffer. That’s more than I can say for my aching shoulders.

Yesterday I received my huge box of goodies from akasha, my Beer & Fiber swap partner. The idea was to get paired up with a friend, and buy them some yarn and beer that isn’t commonly available in their area. akasha went all out, sending me double the amount of beer specified, plus extra needles and a cute sweater key chain. It was an amazing package. See the pictures below for more details. If I hadn’t been out of the house for the season opening bikini wax, we would have started tasting them after dinner. It’s been cold enough that they were all about 45 degrees from sitting in the delivery truck all day. Sigh. It’s like a Belgian beer dream. There are four imports plus a few more American brewed Belgian styles. Oh, and don’t forget the IPA, stouts, and wheat beers. They’re all over 5% alcohol, which means that I can’t buy any of these beers in the great state of Iowa due to our stupid beer laws. I feel like a little kid on Beer Christmas. Thanks, akasha! You are so generous and thoughtful!!! Sit back and get comfy….here comes the beer parade:

The whole lot

Beer with pink or red labels: Stoudt’s Fat Dog, Dogfish Head 90 minute IPA, and Southern Tier’s Raspberry Wheat:

Red and pink beer

Yellow Beer: Imported Saison, and American brewed double wit and saison. Yummy! I’ve never had a Saison yet. I’m so excited!

Beers with yellow labels

Beers with blue labels: Old Heathen, Golden Monkey and a chocolate cream homebrew! Sigh. So tempting.

Blue label beers

The Imported Belgians: I don’t know a lot about these, but look at the funky Belgian bottles! yay! A Dubbel, A tripel and Pirate beer!

Belgian beer

And a little yarny goodness to finish off the parade. It’s the AquaTide colorway, hand dyed by Ellyn Cooper. (Ellyn Cooper’s Yarn Sonnets) A brand new kind of sock yarn to knit up – in colors that blend beautifully with my wardrobe.

Aquatide Ellyn Cooper's Yarn Sonnets



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3 responses to “Pink hair is making me vain.

  1. Love the pink 🙂
    That Dogfish Head 90 min IPA is some pretty good stuff. Have you tried the 120 min?

  2. Wow. It is funny. I hadn’t checked your blog. I came across a Knitty article you wrote and saw the link to your blog.

    I am really glad you are enjoying the beers!

  3. J R

    just randomly found this..i am a beer geek…amazing swap….amazing beers to…makes me want to learn how to knit..i am a hombrewer maybe hombrews for sweater swap?lol

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