Family Whirlwind

I am so tired. It’s a good tired, but life has been so busy for the past 10 days that it’s wearing me out. Allergy season is in full swing around here, which means we’re well into our annual trip to the Dr. for X’s inability to breathe without wheezing. That inevitably turns into a chest X ray and a very long time spent waiting for them to tell us that it’s ok and simply refill his nebulizer prescription. We did that the day before hubby’s family came into town. They live a couple states away, so it’s usually several months between visits. We’re all having fun, but when a group of 12-15 people tries to get together to eat, fraternize and sleep it’s bound to wear you out.

So I’ve been scarce. This trip is different from the usual – most of them are here for a full week. We all got together Wednesday – Friday. Then on Saturday, N’s parents flew to California for a retreat, and we’ve divided his siblings between ourselves and his sister & her family. (He’s the oldest of 7, and the youngest will be 8 in the fall.) My girls seem to be getting slightly better about having guests on their turf, but there are bouts of crabbiness.

I have been knitting a bit. I’m trying to get a belated pair of Mother’s Day socks done for hubby’s mom. This year we were really prepared for Mother’s Day and had great plans way in advance….until my mother’s present was backordered for a couple months, and hubby changed his mind unexpectedly about his mom’s gift. Instead, he got her a couple of DVDs off the $5 rack at WalMart. She was happy with them, but that seems way too cheap to let pass. So I cast on the day they left and I have 4 days to get an entire pair of socks knit, while my regular knitting time is cut by about 75%. I’ll let you know how it turns out. I’m using the Roundabout pattern and Crystal Palace’s bamboo/cotton/elastic sock yarn. I just finished turning the heel on the second sock, so I’m about halfway there. I did opt to knit them toe up, two at a time….so no second sock syndrome. I’d better finish them now, because her feet are two sizes smaller than mine, so I can’t wear them if I wimp out.

Off to make grilled chicken club sandwiches for dinner. And perhaps indulge in a beer. I know beer isn’t like caffeine, but man, is it tasty!



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3 responses to “Family Whirlwind

  1. Allergy season is horrible this year. My doctor told me that many people who don’t normally have them are complaing left and right. It’s reeking havoc on all. I hope that X feels better soon.

  2. I feel your pain… contacts feel like I have sand between them and my eyes….if you don’t have allergies you can’t understand how they can rule your life.

  3. Allergies are bad even here in San Diego, which normally has nothing wrong with it. Hey, the drinking doesn’t sound bad, our home brew buddies came here to dig up some of the Willamette and Fuggles that are overtaking the garden pathway and then at 11 am they broke out the dopplebock and barlywine. I had to try it like a good hostess, now can’t think of knitting ONE stitch and a sock buddy is on her way here too.
    I am planning on doing the Spring nutkins in the color you did, as a KAL with a couple of other knitters here.

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