Happiness is:

The love of my life being home. Sigh. He made it. They only watched the river for an hour and a half and he made it in before midnight. Not much before midnight, but still before. Of course, they had scheduled him for meetings this morning while he was out, so he got up and went into work. Double sigh. At least his pillow smells like him again.

I am so tired. I don’t sleep well while he’s gone. In fact, I avoid going to bed. The first night I was laying on my stomach on the couch at midnight reading Artisan Bread in 5 minutes a Day. I fell asleep face first in the hardbound book and woke up two hours with a screaming neck ache. That was pleasant.

The next night I opted for a pillow, the couch, and the latest Persuasion. That was better. I’m still tired. Probably a combination of keeping the kids clean, fed and happy, as well as running the household.

I did some knitting while he was out, but don’t have much to show for it. A pair of overly green socks knit from a gradient dyed knitted blank. I’ll have to shorten the color repeats. They’re too long. So I’m going to end up with a pair of mostly green swirl socks. Sigh. Oh, well. I guess that’s what experimenting is for. Figuring things out!

Maybe I’ll go to bed early tonight. Then I can write perkier blog entries where I feel more like myself…. I sure hope my coffee beans come today. I’m embarking on a new adventure of roasting green coffee beans at home. My ridiculously cheap popcorn popper came in the mail on Saturday and the beans should be here today. So if you’re around the Midwest and see some crazy, pink haired lady, looking slightly dazed while smoking coffee beans in a popcorn popper on her back deck, don’t worry. It’s just me! (If you want a decent popcorn popper, don’t buy this one. I hear it’s horrible for popcorn. But since coffee roasting voids the warranty I wanted the el cheapo one. Funnily enough, if you search popper reviews via Amazon, this one has several good recommendations for coffee roasting and ALL bad for popping popcorn.)

If you’re wondering what going to bed early tonight has to do with coffee and feeling myself…well I was simply reflecting that I’d probably feel more energetic and cheerier with a little coffee in me…and hence the comments about awaiting mail order coffee beans!


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  1. Happiness is Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day

    Seriously, that book is amazing. We’ve made 3 different recipes out of it, and each one has turned out phenomenal. Try the Light Whole Wheat Bread. It’s my favorite. Well, and the Portuguese Corn Bread is the bomb, too.

    Keep me updated on the bean roasting. That sounds like fun.

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