I’m leaning towards a career in moving!

The hole left by moving the old deskLast night, Nick had a meeting to attend and we decided before he left that I should prep the office (And when you see the word office, please insert a mental image of “junk room”) for the impending demolition. We’re going to be updating most of thelower level (600+ square feet of living space in bad need of a makeover!) of our house. This includes nearly a full remodel of the office – which was originally an unfinished room in the house. I hardly know why – it’s on the lower level of our split level and not the basement, and to make things more interesting the entire rest of that space was finished when the house was built….it’s a mystery. Anyway, whomever came in to finish the space did a crappy job. It’s got the thinnest, cheapest OUTDOOR carpeting in the world, which doesn’t even properly reach the walls. A drop ceiling – the kind with the metal grid and drop in tiles and fluorescent lights, and it was painted a horrible bright orange color when we moved in. Not trendy orange, but nearly hunter orange. Somewhere between Make You Want to Puke and Make You Go Blind orange.

While it bears the epitaph of the “office” it’s really a junk room. All the odds and ends of things that didn’t fit The new space as seen from my front door.elsewhere in the house have taken up residence making it an eyesore. And since the computer was there, we spend a lot of time in that room. We spent even more time in that room while my winding equipment was in there, but it’s been moved and now we simply spend  a lot of time and not most of our time there.  

Nick’s meeting ran long….and he was out for two hours. Since I was determined to be responsible, I had gotten to work tearing apart the computer and moving the various and sundry parts upstairs. With that finished, I decided it would be easier to carry the desk up the flight up steps if all the drawers were out. So I pulled out all 9 drawers and carted those upstairs. By this time, the love seat was covered with all the bits of the computer, minus the tower (it’s heavy!) and I was running out of things to do. But I didn’t want to wait. So I rolled up the area rug and moved the large couch from the wall under the pictures to the wall with the with windows. Then I decided to move the desk up the stairs by myself. Amazingly, it worked. I guess all those leg press excercises have been working. I put my shoulder in the opening, stood up and walked that baby upstairs. By the time hubby got home, not only had everything been moved, but all the parts had been cleaning with the appropriate cleaning solution and the room was whole again. Score.

Who says that a 5’3″ shrimp can’t be helpful?

The computer desk as seen from the couch


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  1. Chachel

    Wow! You did a fabulous job moving everything and reorganizing it. The desk looks like it belongs in the living room. Well done!

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