No more homely hair!

My version of short hairThere is a point, where once reached, my hair turns from something decent into untractable Homely Hair. The critical mass of Homely Hair was reached within the past two weeks, directly coinciding with a staph infection in my left eye which forces me to wear my glasses instead of my usual contacts. So in the throws of Homely Hair and Forced Glasses Wearing, I had a slight fit. I just couldn’t take it. So I made an emergency hair appointment and promptly chopped off 60% of the length of my hair. Of course, this meant that I did lose the pink ends, but it’s so nice not to be tethered to Homely Hair anymore….and my glasses look nearly trendy again.

I have new makeup, too. It’s mineral makeup and very fun to use. I got the majority of it from MicaBella in our local mall, and a couple from my citric acid supplier – Coastal Scents. Coastal Scents is a general soap supplier and they have pretty mica makeup as well. Their pink handled brushes are very nice, too. Full, easy to use and at a really good price. Since applying mineral makeup can be done wet or dry, it’s like painting and it’s easy to blend colors. I highly recommend mineral makeup if you’re so inclined.

Not much knitting was done over the weekend. Instead, there was much office packing and reorganization for the impending remodel. Then there was the yard work to be done. We’ve recently planted 5 new hydrangeas under our large, established lilac bushes. We also dug out the roots of a volunteer maple tree. All the nearby excavation has caused the lilacs to get leaf scorch and our excess of rain enabled powdery mildew to take hold. So I spent three hours yesterday hacking mildewy branches off, packing them into our yarn waste receptacle and trying to fertilize our way out of the leaf scorch. Sigh. The bushes look terrible. They had a severe pruning in the spring, and now this…..hopefully they’ll recover. They’re over 9 feet tall and would be a pity to lose.

Now I’m off to pack up the latest Loopy Ewe order and start skeining for a WoolGirl order. Lots more YarnLove will be coming to a retailer near you!




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4 responses to “No more homely hair!

  1. Love the new haircut! I had about 7 inches cut off yesterday in order to better cope with this crazy heat, and I lost almost all of my pink hair. But I’m okay with that.

  2. I love your hair Katie! I miss you- we need to get together soon!

  3. Hey hun, nice blog! I really treasure this article.. I was curious about this for a while now. This cleared a lot up for me! Do you have a rss feed that I can add?

  4. Brian

    I just stumbled onto your blog and happened to see your picture next to the word homely. How incongruous! You are lovely and couldn’t be homely on your worst day. Love the glasses, take care and don’t change [looks]


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