Knitting & Crochet Blog Week Plus Googlewhack

To get me back into blogging with a bang, I am participating in Knitting and Crochet Blog week. That means I am going to make my best effort to post on a predetermined topic for 7 days in a row, starting April 26th. I hope to do well. If you’re interested in reading other participant’s responses all you need to do is Google search the term: knitcroblo1 for the first day, knitcroblo2 for the second, etc. We’re pretty sure that the term/tag “knitcroblo” is a googlewhack. Ok, technically it’s not two words, and you’ll get hits from all the blogs participating, but the main point is all the results will be participating blogs!

You may be wondering what in the world could prevent Katie from blogging everyday? Well, Nick and I decided this morning upon an impromptu visit to his grandmother. We’ve been wanting to for quite a while and finally have booked our trip….we leave 9 days from today and we’re taking all 3 kids with us.

On a plane.

1500 miles away.

You see my point. I shall endeavor to participate as much as possible….while secreting wondering if I am indeed crazy. Wish me luck & see you the day after tomorrow!



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