How did you get started?

It’s the first day of Knit/Crochet Blog week! (And I’m a day behind already, but shhh! it’s still early in the morning so it almost counts as yesterday.

I started knitting and crocheting when my mom taught me. I was pretty young – 7 or 8. I strongly preferred crochet and for many years only crocheted. This may have had something to do with the fact that my mom knits very oddly. She was taught by a woman who was about 9 months pregnant and consequently, my mom holds her needles like T not an X. Her right arm is held up horizontally, while her left arm is relaxed and parallel to her side.

I didn’t start knitting in earnest until many years later. I was expecting the twins and wanted to make them soakers (knitted wool cloth diaper covers) and there just weren’t many crochet patterns out there. So I started knitting again.

Soon, I was getting many requests to knit other people soakers, which got me started designing. I needed to design a soaker pattern for my own use, so I could sell the finished pieces. Soaker knitting also got me started dyeing yarn. I got many very specific color requests that could only be filled by dyeing the yarn to order. It took a while to get both sides of the business up and running as Yarn Love today, but that’s how I got my start!

That’s it for knitcroblo1 – day one. I’ll see you tomorrow! (or hopefully later today)



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