An Influential Knitter – Norah Gaughan

KnitCroBlo – Day 3: Write about a knitter whose work you enjoy.

I have to say Norah Gaughan is amazing. Her designs are both stylish and unique. By unique I mean off-beat and slightly quirky but loveable *not* weird. It’s as if Norah designs for a world that’s so pretty, I’d like to live there. She now works for Berroco, and every time they release a new Norah pattern collection I’m consistently drawn to the patterns. Her asymmetrical motifs and unique construction never fail to draw me in. One day when I grow up, I hope to make patterns as pretty as Norah.

Find more Norah Gaughan’s designs at

Norah blogs at:

Go check out her work. It’s beautiful & worth your time. Ideally, I’d post pictures of her designs here, but I don’t want to infringe upon Berroco’s rights by using their photos on my blog……



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6 responses to “An Influential Knitter – Norah Gaughan

  1. accountantgrrl

    I couldn’t agree more.

  2. I so agree about Norah’s patterns!

  3. Rae

    I knew I was forgetting someone on my list. Norah has some of the most beautiful stuff.

  4. littlesparrowknits

    Add me to the list of Norah admirers! I love her patterns.

  5. I have a hard time not buying all of Norah’s patterns, they are so lovely. Thanks for the links.

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