Where do you indulge?

KnitCroBlo Day 5: Where do you like to indulge in your craft?

Since I am generally designing while I knit, I must have at least a piece of paper and pencil handy….but often times my laptop, too. I’m hugely into charting when designing for visual simplicity and ease of error checking (via KnitVisualizer) so it’s nice to have the computer around for quick changes. Practically speaking, I always knit at home and I’m either sitting at my kitchen table or on my couch. I try to save the majority of my design time for when my kiddos are in bed. Theoretically this allows me to concentrate and make fewer mistakes. But it didn’t stop me from ripping out the instep of my newest (and still TOP SECRET) sock design 5 times last week.

I have knitting/designing/dyeing stuff in various places throughout the house, so you’ll find me doing yarn related things in the kitchen, spare bedroom/storage space and basement. These yarn related activities are usually not knitting, but generally dyeing, packaging, yarn prep, yarn washing, and business related etc.

It’s a good thing we have a pretty big house.



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6 responses to “Where do you indulge?

  1. When I’m back at my mum’s house I manage to get yarn absolutely everywhere 🙂 think she even found a ball of yarn in the bathroom after I’d left.

  2. One day, when I have my own house, I hope to have a little room devoted to my knitting (and other sporadic crafts) – like a little studio… That idea sounds like heaven to me… 🙂

    • I bet you’ll find one day when you have a little house of your own, you’ll put yarn all over it! I wish I had dedicated space for just my yarn, but with 5 of us living here, we share. It works out ok, though. At least the yarn hasn’t taken over the entire house – my husband and kids keep the wave of yarn in check!

  3. AC

    Ooooh, top secret design. I’m waiting with bated breath!

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