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Hi, I’m your designated dyer this evening.

Hand painted Yarn Love rovingI’ve been a busy girl lately. Lots of spinning in the evening going on. Spinning is so wonderfully relaxing, and zen-ish for me. It’s even better than knitting in the sense that it’s less complicated. It’s a wonderful craft to have when you’re still really busy in the post-Christmas rush. I’ve been spinning so much that I’m out spinning my ability to knit. That might not be that hard for some spinners, but I’m pretty slow. That and I’m spinning two ply fingering weight, so that’s some serious singles yardage. Not nearly as much as a Navajo plied fingering weight, but still pretty good.

 I’ve also been dyeing up some roving…..which I’m then spinning and plying. I’m hoping that the roving Cherub - roving from Yarn Lovewill go out as samples to our retailers and can be another Yarn Love goody that easily found. Roving has always been in my thoughts for Yarn Love (Notice how our tag line says “fibers” and not “yarn”.) but until recently, our retailers have not carried roving as a product. So I’m busy dyeing up a variety of rovings, and then spinning them up so that I can wow the vendors with a cute package of roving samples and accompanying hand spun yarn. I think that will offer them a good way to visualize how the fiber spins up, and what they can expect from the yarn, post spin.

 India Spice singles on my Jensen bobbinMy main wheel is a Jensen Tina II. She’s my first wheel, and I just can’t get past how wonderfully she spins. I’ve had her since I was a sophomore in High School. I sold my French horn and worked many hours at the local McDonald’s to save money for her. Then my dad taught me how to stain, and I stained and finished the cherry wood myself. I feel a deep sense of personal connection to this weel. There’s something so rewarding about saving up for a beautiful tool that you can invest yourself in and reap many years worth of satisfaction from. Plus, she’s amazingly beautiful. What I consider a kind of fairy tale wheel. I know the more ornate style isn’t appreciated by everyone, but I love her just the way she is. Plus, now that the original wheel maker has retired, she’s probably gone up in value…..not that I could get rid of her in the foreseeable future…

India Spice roving from Yarn Love Up for your perusal: Amy March roving in (brand spanking new!) colorways of India Spice and Cherub. The India Spice might have to be renamed before going into the catalog to better reflect the romantic nature of the company, but that’s what the singles reminded me as I spun them. You can see the difference in color blending between the original roving and the singles. The singles all seem to be steeped in tea – deep, rich colors with a sepia tone to them. I haven’t spun up the Cherub, but that’s definitely next.

Amy March is a medium-fine wool fiber with a great staple length. A great choice for a  newer spinner and certainly a very rewarded spin for a more advance spinner. She’s super-wash treated, so easy care is an added bonus.Spring Morning hand spun yarn

The yarn cake and sock is Spring Morning, super-wash merino spun up into a light sport weight sock yarn. It was originally intended to be fingering weight, but the fiber is so fluffy that it really increased in size when I plied it. I might actually have to take this sock out and redo it, as it’s a bit stiff. Plus, the toe yarn has some very pink parts to it, and that’s what I intended to have for the contrast instead of a marled pink/burgundy. It’s not exciting me. What’s a few hours of knitting frogged between friends, anyway.

 More pictures soon. I have a pair of Valentine’s themed socks to show you, knit from hand-spun but they’re still wet and currently un-photogenic.

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