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It’s fat Tuesday. This Lent, I will…..

Cross - Ash WednesdayIt’s Fat Tuesday to the rest of the world, and here I’m staring down the barrel of another Lent. A really early, early Lent. The time when Christians are called to 6 weeks of pointed meditation, introspection, sacrifice and alms-giving. Maybe stating that I’m staring down “the barrel” of Lent is a little harsh because really faith is a choice and something that I choose.

Traditionally, Lent is the time when I give something up to remind me of the Ultimate Sacrifice. As a kid it was the yearly question: dessert, TV, favorite game or activity….and really was a test of endurance. Where you knew that your parents would enforce your sacrifice even if you didn’t feel like it. While it was always a good idea before the start of Lent, during Lent it became apparent that sacrifice left something to be desired in the execution.  Now I’m an adult and I have to be disciplined enough to enforce my own choices. To follow through. Not to give it up somewhere between the third and fourth weeks when the novelty has worn off and the hard work sets in.

This Lent, I will respond and not react to my children and my husband. It’s not dessert, it’s not coffee, and at first glance it seems like corporate-speak which I abhor. (Come on, now. Let’s expand our global outlook with out of the box thinking, innovation, and improved efficiency. Bleh.) The giving up of coffee or dessert would be more traditional for me and actually easier to measure. Those are absolutely my favorite food groups. I love them more than they deserve. They bring me more satisfaction than they ought. I would eat them all day, every day except for the adverse health affects. Instead, this Lent I will: reflect before I ask the kids to do something, respond cheerfully even when inconvenienced or annoyed, and think less about what I’m giving up and more about what I can do to make Someone I Love life’s a little better. I think I’m going to wear a single, silver bangle bracelet which I will switch from wrist to wrist as a reminder when I fall short of my goal.

It’s intangible, which means I will lose the small sense of satisfaction in having achieved a measurable goal. However, I think it’s more to the purpose of my Lenten journey this year.  I want to be a cheerful, attentive wife and mother. I want to think of others more and respond to them with reflection and not distraction. Lent 2008 will be my personal retreat and mediation on who I am called to be and who I want to be. 

In less reflective and prettier news

New Yarn: Sweet Sheri. Dyed up earlier in the week, but it took two days for it to dry. It’s a special colorway for a really sweet gal. Sheri of The Loopy Ewe is having a birthday and the plan is to create a special pair of socks for her in a colorway that highlights her favorite colors: cranberry, navy, chocolate, and sage green. Also present are celedon and biscuit for a bit of better color contrast. We’ll see how it knits up….it’s definitely out of my color comfort zone.

Mitten Progress

Here’s the current mitten progress. I’m undecided about it. The design is not quite what I envisioned. My sweet, fellow swappers have told me that I shouldn’t rip it out, and I think I’ll leave it. It may improve with the flip top mitten cap. This might also fall under the category of “outside Katie’s comfort zone”.  There is the distinct possibility that upon being reassured that it really isn’t a disaster I will be comfortable with the result. I know a large part of the issue is that I don’t know for certain that the recipient will like it. In fact, my swap partner is having these knit for someone close to her, so I really, really don’t know anything about the recipient other than she’s a young lady, the mittens should be easy to care for and she has a deep coral/salmon colored coat. Hopefully the 5 different hues of salmon/coral present in the yarn will mean that it’s complimentary to the coat!


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