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Make grill while the sun shines

grilling in the snowI have to say that my patience is wearing thin. It may even be in tatters. This has been the longest, snowiest winter in memory. Last month alone we had nearly 4 times the normal amount of snowfall. Not 4 inches, 4 times – nearly quadruple! Ug! Over 20″ in a month. In all fairness, I do not live in a particularly snowy part of the world. I live in the part of the world where it’s 63 degrees at noon, starts raining 2 hours later, by 8 pm the temp has fallen to zero and the rain has turned to a layer of ice on the ground and snow from the sky. That was Sunday night. That three inches was the second snow fall of the week. I can’t remember if that was only the third or fourth day this winter that my sweet husband couldn’t get into work because the interstate was listed as 100% snow and ice covered with travel NOT advised.

 Well, I’ve had it. If spring is not coming to me, I am coming to it. You may think that picture is an ordinary picture of a snow covered grill, but I assure you it is not. See the thermometer? It clearly indicates that even though there is snow all around, I was out there preheating it for a spice rubbed pork tenderloin. It was sunny that day. I was pretty sure it was at least 45 degrees, because it was amazingly warmer than the previous 20 or so days. Nick drove up the driveway to see me standing out there in my crocs and a thin hoodie grilling dinner. Oh, yes, and he informed me that I was crazy outside with no coat or decent shoes when it was a mere 28 degrees. You know it’s been a cold winter when you mistakenly think it’s 20 degrees warmer than actual temp and fire up the grill in the snow. The tenderloin was lovely.

Brew In A Bag

Yesterday, the sewing machine made an appearance. I sewed myself a giant, mesh bag for all grain brewing….affectionately known as Brew In A Bag or BIAB. It’s big. Fits my 5 gallon stainless kettle and Brew in a bagwill hold all the grain for 3 gallon batches. It came together pretty well despite the fact that I do not own a serger and had to make due with my sewing machine which isn’t particularly in love with very sheer fabrics. It has a nice elasticized top and the seams are all double sewn: straight stitched and zigzaged for strength. The entire bag is double layered and I’m hoping that won’t inhibit the “sparge” process. (I.E. how fast it drains.) Yes, I am a beer geek.

 I have been knitting, but I don’t have any pictures. I’ve been knitting socks like there’s no tomorrow. I cast on a pair of striping Noro socks on Thursday, and Monday wore them (washed and blocked)!! Not bad for a think yarn knit on size 00 US Hiya Hiya Needles. I don’t have pictures of them though. Now they’re dirty, but perhaps I can still stick them on the blockers for a snapshot and pretend like they’re spiffy and clean. Noro really is addicting. These are the second socks I’ve knit from that yarn. Even though it’s not soft and not very elastic, I’ve found that it wears very well for me. And the colors are heart melting. It also lasts forever for me. Out of the first ball, I got one full pair of size 9 (women’s) socks. Then I used the remaining 50 grams for the two color Noro striping socks. Those were full sized and I still have 15 grams leftover. Not bad for $18.

I have now started on some Garden Path socks by Wendy Knits in Oceanwind Knits colorway Jardin. Jardin is a blush rose color with periwinkle and sage accents over dyed with grey. It came in a bit less pink than my monitor showed, but I like it. In the crappy incandescent lighting at night it looks like shades of tan and grey….kind of like a woodland mushroom. Very pretty. Most likely these will have to be put down in favor of finishing my secret pal mittens, but that’s alright.

New Colors

Here are my new colors for Spring 2008. I hope you enjoy them. They’ll be available at The Loopy Ewe in a couple weeks. I have about 1 lbs of yarn to re-skein, and then they’ll be labelled and shipped off! All are on our Scarlett O’Hara yarn.

 Awakening Earth: Acid green, murky blue, steel grey, charcoal.

Awakening Earth on Scarlett O'Hara

Warm Tulips: Deep scarlet, mango, coral, golden yellow, pale sunshine.

Warm Tulips on Scarlett O'Hara

Cottage Garden: Lilac, coral, blush pink, spring green.

Cottage Garden on Scarlett O'Hara

Mariner: Grey blue, olive drab, celedon, steel grey.

Mariner on Scarlett O'Hara

Early Crocus: Royal purple, lilac, blush pink, golden yellow, buttercream.

Early Crocus on Scarlett O'Hara


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