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Test sock blanksFirst off, I would like to say that rain sucks. Flooding sucks….and frizzy pink hair is NOT a fashion statement. Speaking of frizzy pink hair, I need to have my hair cut. If you have any great ideas of how I should cut my hair, please let me know. Throw a picture in the comments down there. My hair is past my shoulders, which is too long.  I have so much hair that anything below the shoulders really overcrowds my face. I’ve been putting it off, because a haircut will mean that I’ll need to re-bleach and over-dye the pink….but with all the rain and humidity, I really need a style update!

Test Sock Blanks

I’ve continued with the sock blank dye tests. I’m knitting off one right now – Scarlett O’ Hara gradient dyed – and it is wonderful. Aside from the fact that my bands of color are way too wide, it’s going well. Getting the blank dyeing down to a science is going to take a lot of test dyeing and knitting.

Gauge is of course an issue. My Bond doesn’t like to knit super tightly. Then there is of course the slight fact that machine knitting requires a certain amount of skill and knowledge that I don’t have…but am aquiring by jumping into the frying pan. The Bond knits quite a bit more loosely than your average sock knitter, so the 60 stitch wide blank that I’m knitting from doesn’t accurately show how long the color repeats will be on an actual pair of socks. I started at the green end of this blank, and now that I’m nearly to the heel turn, I’m almost finished with the first color. Um, yeah….that’s going to need some tweaking.

I can dye faster than I can knit, so I now have three test blanks waiting for me to get to them. The first is a simple gradient of a test colorway. The second is my Mariner colorway painted in diagnal stripes and the last is Sweetheart painted in vertical stripes. The vertical stripes should create very short color repeats across the blank, rather than a self striping effect. We’ll see how I did once I get them all knitted up. Good thing they’re sport weight!

Besides the sock blanks, I’ve been dyeing up other self striping yarns…which will need knitted up for photography. Sigh. I think I’ve added about 6 new “skeins” to the “must knit” pile and so far this week I’ve ripped out one almost complete pair of socks (too tight) and knit half of another pair. Oi. I’d better get knitting!

Let me know what you think of the blanks. They’re going to require quite a bit of business research and wrangling to become a viable business venture, so if you really would like to see them, let me know. It’s always nice to know you have some backing before plunking down hours of time and lots of funds.



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Sock blanks and other mayhem

Scarlett O Hara sock blankJust when I get a really good idea….someone else already has it! Oh, well. KnitPicks came out with their new sock blanks recently….just a few days after my Bond Knitting machine arrived for me to work out how to machine knit them for myself. The original plan was to offer these as a new product via Yarn Love….but now I’m going to have to seriously rethink that. I feel like such a copycat – but I wasn’t. I came up with the idea on my own before Knit Picks released their product. Sigh. The good news is that I can use my favorite sock yarns for my own blanks and they can’t. It’s not a total loss; I can always knit them for myself and me content with that!

New Couch – delivered to your door!

I ordered a couch off the internet. It came and I’m happy. There’s a company by the name of HomeReserve and they sell couches that you assemble. You get your choice of style and fabric, and it comes straight to your door where you put it together. The main reason we chose this company over more traditional furniture is that every single piece of fabric on the couch is washable.

If you don’t have children, this probably isn’t a big deal….but for those of you who have ever stared at a traditional piece of upholstery freshly covered in toddler vomit, you will understand the sheer genius of this couch. Better yet, if you have commitment issues, you can replace all the fabric and cushions with a new for $150 – 200 bucks. New look, low price!

They are surprisingly comfy despite the lack of springs. (There are three storage compartments under the seat cushions instead of springs.) The cushions are firmer than our previous, overstuffed couch, but the scale is much better for me. I can sit on the couch without having to prop a large throw pillow behind me. Yay new couch!

I am planning on dressing it up with some pretty throw pillows. Geisha Fans by Amy Butler in the olive colorway are on the radar…right after I finish sewing the girlies’ window treatments and the bra kits that I ordered….I have no idea when I’ll get them done.

Nick and Joe with the first piece

Jack and I with the cushions

Couch assembled




Super Secret Project

Stripes over dyed skeinWell, I went and started a long term, super secret project. It involves yarn. It involves dye. It involves writing. We’ll see how I do. It’s a new venture and one with an uncertain outcome. But along the way there will be lots of yarn and photos and fun. I started it late in the week. Here’s one of the skeins that dyed for it. Over dyed stripes. I’ve been itching to knit it up, but I can’t. It must be saved for professional photography purposes. Sigh. Dyeing new yarn is so hard to resist.

More super secret stuff as I get it done…but not all of it, because then it wouldn’t be a secret, would it?

Striped yarn ball


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