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Facebook = Time sucker!

I have succumbed to peer pressure.

I sold out to the man.

I am having a blast on Facebook.

Yep, a week ago I didn’t care about Facebook. Yes, I knew what it was but had no desire to ever join or spend time looking for people I didn’t know I cared about until I met them on Facebook. You know the song and dance. Busy at home, busy with yarn, etc., etc., etc. Then my very good friend mentioned (On her way out the door to her Valentine’s day dinner. You know you’re good friends when you both are in great relationships and you have to get together before your respective romantic evenings for a quick chat.) that she and my brother in law were talking ABOUT ME on Facebook. About me!?!?! I mean who does that? If I wanted to see what they were saying, I could just join. So I told her goodbye, shut the door and joined.

It’s a time sucker. You sit down to check on your mystery growing plant, see if the egg your friend sent you has hatched into something cute, realize that you have several new and funny stickers to read, notice that 10 of your closest friends have been writing on your wall since you were last there, then remember that there were 3 new beers that needed to be added to your beer rating application and pretty soon you’re late for making dinner because the past 60 minutes were sucked into the black hole of Facebook. But did I mention that if you simply add the Beer! application you can see my rating and remarks on every beer I’ve ever drunk?

Stating that Facebook has sucked up my time this week and that I’ve not gotten anything else done is a complete lie. I have nearly finished up my calculations for the business’ tax numbers. (You know those ones you have to spend hours working on before handing them over to a professional.) The deal will be sealed as soon as I go through my account, debit, and credit card statements to categorize and total every expense for the entire, freaking year. Yes, that’s after I had to go through and verify that everything was an actual business expense and wasn’t the result of pulling the wrong one of 3 identical bank cards from my wallet at the time of purchase. I hate taxes. Freaking taxes. And don’t get me started on politics.

Crap. I got derailed. I was supposed to be talking about the 12 pounds of yarn I hand-painted Monday and Tuesday of this week in addition to all the tax number crunching, but the tax angst took over. So yes, I have dyed half of a smaller order headed for The Loopy Ewe in the past two days. My skeining gal is coming over this afternoon and on Friday to get it into shape for shipping. Hopefully the new swift will be here by Friday so she can work from home and get lots more yarn done up faster! We’ll see. I inadvertently ordered it from a place who are open all weekend but closed Tuesday and Wednesday. Well, crap! If I’d known that I wouldn’t have waited all weekend to place my order!!!!!! Ahem. Anyway. It won’t be here by Friday, but I really want it to be. It’s a Strauch. Expensive, but I’ve heard they’re amazing. I’ve simply worn out my other one from two years of constant use, so this will be a nice upgrade (That I’ll never see or use!).

Sweet Sheri SocksThe Sweet Sheri socks are finished, except for weaving in the ends. I’m going to try to get that done today so they can go into the mail and be to St. Louis by the 28th. That’s Sheri’s actual birthday. Yay for birthday socks! I still think there’s way too much light green/celedon in this colorway, but I have request upon request for this. If you like it, it’s going to be available exclusively at The Loopy Ewe and there are three pounds of this colorway in the next order.

The socks are a mutton of patterns. The instep is the Jaywalker chevron, slightly modified to fit my stitch count. The sole is 2 X 2 ribbing for a nice fit. The heel is a garter stitch short row, and the cuff is Estonian Button stitch topped off with a decent cap of ribbing. I was attempting to do plain stockinette stitch instep and sole, and I couldn’t do it. I got 5 rounds past the short row of the first toe before deciding that this just wasn’t working out. I hope they fit. Most always, I work my socks toe up and knit until they fit and then turn the heel and do the cuff. The second sock is either knit at the same time or I count rows to copy…… It’s so nerve wracking to knit for someone else! I have relatively skinny, long feet and Sheri’s socks are just so much bigger than mine…..I hope I haven’t inadvertently knit GINORMOUS socks that are even too big for her. I swatched. I swatched! Swatched for socks people, and then double checked the stitch calculations based on measurements provided and then made them a hair smaller for the perfect fit. And they still look big.

I always do this. I’m completely convinced that the gift I’ve just knitted is wrong in every way and then have giving anxiety until I know otherwise. Sigh. Only with handmade gifts…..which I generally spend a lot of time planning out so that they’re sheer perfection for the giftee. Oi. I’ve got to go weave in ends before I talk myself out of sending them. (No, it’s not because I’m keeping them for myself because they’re an inch too long for my feet!)

Sweet Sheri in progress


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It’s fat Tuesday. This Lent, I will…..

Cross - Ash WednesdayIt’s Fat Tuesday to the rest of the world, and here I’m staring down the barrel of another Lent. A really early, early Lent. The time when Christians are called to 6 weeks of pointed meditation, introspection, sacrifice and alms-giving. Maybe stating that I’m staring down “the barrel” of Lent is a little harsh because really faith is a choice and something that I choose.

Traditionally, Lent is the time when I give something up to remind me of the Ultimate Sacrifice. As a kid it was the yearly question: dessert, TV, favorite game or activity….and really was a test of endurance. Where you knew that your parents would enforce your sacrifice even if you didn’t feel like it. While it was always a good idea before the start of Lent, during Lent it became apparent that sacrifice left something to be desired in the execution.  Now I’m an adult and I have to be disciplined enough to enforce my own choices. To follow through. Not to give it up somewhere between the third and fourth weeks when the novelty has worn off and the hard work sets in.

This Lent, I will respond and not react to my children and my husband. It’s not dessert, it’s not coffee, and at first glance it seems like corporate-speak which I abhor. (Come on, now. Let’s expand our global outlook with out of the box thinking, innovation, and improved efficiency. Bleh.) The giving up of coffee or dessert would be more traditional for me and actually easier to measure. Those are absolutely my favorite food groups. I love them more than they deserve. They bring me more satisfaction than they ought. I would eat them all day, every day except for the adverse health affects. Instead, this Lent I will: reflect before I ask the kids to do something, respond cheerfully even when inconvenienced or annoyed, and think less about what I’m giving up and more about what I can do to make Someone I Love life’s a little better. I think I’m going to wear a single, silver bangle bracelet which I will switch from wrist to wrist as a reminder when I fall short of my goal.

It’s intangible, which means I will lose the small sense of satisfaction in having achieved a measurable goal. However, I think it’s more to the purpose of my Lenten journey this year.  I want to be a cheerful, attentive wife and mother. I want to think of others more and respond to them with reflection and not distraction. Lent 2008 will be my personal retreat and mediation on who I am called to be and who I want to be. 

In less reflective and prettier news

New Yarn: Sweet Sheri. Dyed up earlier in the week, but it took two days for it to dry. It’s a special colorway for a really sweet gal. Sheri of The Loopy Ewe is having a birthday and the plan is to create a special pair of socks for her in a colorway that highlights her favorite colors: cranberry, navy, chocolate, and sage green. Also present are celedon and biscuit for a bit of better color contrast. We’ll see how it knits up….it’s definitely out of my color comfort zone.

Mitten Progress

Here’s the current mitten progress. I’m undecided about it. The design is not quite what I envisioned. My sweet, fellow swappers have told me that I shouldn’t rip it out, and I think I’ll leave it. It may improve with the flip top mitten cap. This might also fall under the category of “outside Katie’s comfort zone”.  There is the distinct possibility that upon being reassured that it really isn’t a disaster I will be comfortable with the result. I know a large part of the issue is that I don’t know for certain that the recipient will like it. In fact, my swap partner is having these knit for someone close to her, so I really, really don’t know anything about the recipient other than she’s a young lady, the mittens should be easy to care for and she has a deep coral/salmon colored coat. Hopefully the 5 different hues of salmon/coral present in the yarn will mean that it’s complimentary to the coat!

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