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for my birthday

i was recently asked by both my husband and my mother what I want for my birthday. i answered honestly, “i don’t know,”. now that may be common for you or perhaps for a particular loved one, but that is an unusual answer for me. i thought about it more this morning while i listened to the creative mom podcast. (a must listen pod-cast for any creative person, not just moms and parents. a great way to focus and re-energize your creativity.)

 this year for my birthday i want:

creativity     *     freedom     *     exploration

i’ve been mulling over getting a small weaving loom. i’ve been mulling over teaching myself to paint. i’ve been mulling over creative journal-ling – creativity somewhere between scrap-booking and memoirs. but i haven’t decided. i don’t know what to ask for because i haven’t decided.

so i think i’m going to ask for this: a small memento. something owned by them that has a special meaning. something they bought, but the gifting imparts meaning. something inexpensive, where the true gift is the thought behind what is given. then the remainder of what they would have spent to be saved for the time when i do know what i want.

i want them to have the freedom to give a gift – something special, something personal, something meaningful, but i also don’t want them to spend money on something that i might not like or use, simply because i chose something before i was ready.

i wonder what they’ll think.

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