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Bad Blogger….no cookie?!?!?!?

Gingerbread and Chocolate DippedHi, my name is Katie, and I am a bad blogger. Theoretically and philosophically speaking, I don’t and shouldn’t feel guilty about the frequency with which I blog – especially when compared to some of my other, better, more frequent blogging friends. I have no contract or agreement or even an unspoken rule about how often I blog. I’m completely free to blog whenever I feel the need. But…..in the pragmatic, day to day reality, I find myself doing other things and thinking about blogging….and then I feel guilty when it stays in my head and never makes to “print” so to speak. All that to say, I’ve written about 3 blog posts over the past 10 days, and now I’m feeling badly they haven’t actually shown up.

Now, I’m going to blog in chronological order, but backwards. Up for your viewing pleasure, my weekend Cookies on a banquet tableactivity: Baking Day. It’s an annual tradition where all the women in my extended family (Who live close enough to come and who’s schedule works out for that particular date and time.) gather at my mom’s house and bake massive amounts of sugar loaded, holiday treats. If it can be dipped in chocolate, festooned with sprinkles and further abused by sugar loaded decorative candies, it will. If it can be mixed, balled and baked, it will. If it’s bad for you, and contains all your recommended daily allowance of both sugar and cholesterol in a single serving, it’s present.

Say Baking Day is also an odd mix of fun, and frustration. I get a little frustrated when inevitably, the date is changed for the third time to accommodate this aunt, or that cousins schedule. It’s not that I’m a very busy person, or that it causes me actual inconvenience. I just get very confused when I walk up to my calendar and see Baking Day lovingly scrawled on three different dates in pen. Plus, there was the Great Baking Day Incident of 2006. Last year, my husband and my children attended Baking Day, as we had a Christmas party to attend at 7 pm that night. Long story short, Baking Day went at least 2 hours longer than planned and both my  husband and my mother lost their tempers right there in the middle of the cookies and chocolate coated pretzels. At least this year, that didn’t happen. We started earlier, and Nick stayed at home with the kids.

 On the pleasant side of Baking Day, I get to spend 6 uninterrupted hours chatting with my family in a Milk chocolate toffee...yum!warm house that smells of freshly baked cookies, surrounded by a dessert lover’s paradise. Since I love dessert, I’m very happy. This year I only ate two cookies during the entire 6 hours I was there. OK, I had two cookies and a rum truffle. But I can’t resist the truffles. I’ve thought about not baking them for Baking Day, so that I can keep the batch to myself….plus, they don’t travel that well if they’re not refrigerated (milk chocolate, heavy cream, liqueur….) but my dad loves them and actually hovers around while I’m putting them together. After all, he’s the only guy to have survived Baking Day year after year, and that’s definitely saying something.


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